In a world where agriculture remains the backbone of economies and a vital source of sustenance for millions, access to modern farming machinery and equipment can make all the difference for small-scale and emerging farmers. Recognizing this, SARO, a leading agricultural equipment provider, and AgLeasCo, a prominent financing company, have joined forces to revolutionize the agricultural sector. Together, We are making it possible for farmers to access essential machinery with greater ease and affordability, all without the need for collateral.

The Power of Partnership

SARO, with its decades-long commitment to enhancing agricultural productivity, has been a trusted name for farmers seeking quality machinery. AgLeasCo, on the other hand, specializes in providing tailored financing solutions, particularly in the agricultural sector. The partnership between these two industry leaders brings together the best of both worlds: top-notch equipment and innovative financing, all without the burden of collateral.

A Game Changer for Farmers

One of the standout features of this partnership is the opportunity it offers farmers to acquire farming machinery with a mere 25% cash deposit of the total purchase price. In the past, high upfront costs often acted as significant barriers for small-scale and emerging farmers looking to mechanize their operations. However, this collaboration is changing the game by providing a flexible and accessible financing option, with no collateral required.

Monthly Payments for Sustainability

The ability to pay off the machinery through monthly installments is another critical aspect of this partnership. Monthly payments not only ease the financial burden on farmers but also align with the agricultural cycle, allowing them to match payments with income from their harvests. This level of flexibility ensures that farmers can invest in the tools they need to increase productivity without compromising their financial stability.

Interest Rates and Loan Tenure

The partnership also brings favorable interest rates of 28% per annum. While interest rates are an essential consideration for any financing arrangement, this rate is competitive and within reach for many farmers. Additionally, the loan tenure of up to 48 months provides ample time for farmers to repay the financing, reducing pressure and allowing them to focus on their farming operations.

Regional Presence and Accessibility

The reach of SARO and AgLeasCo is extensive, with branches spanning various agricultural hubs. This widespread presence ensures that farmers across different regions have easy access to both equipment and financing options. Whether you’re in Lusaka or Livingstone, Chipata or Kasama, the partnership’s benefits are readily available.

A Commitment to Agricultural Development

Beyond the tangible benefits, this partnership signifies a shared commitment to the growth and development of agriculture. Agriculture remains the lifeline for many communities, and by empowering farmers with modern equipment, SARO and AgLeasCo are contributing to increased productivity, food security, and economic stability.

Funded by the European Union

It’s important to note that this project is funded by the European Union, emphasizing the international recognition of its significance and potential impact on agricultural development.


The partnership between SARO and AgLeasCo stands as a testament to the potential of collaboration in addressing the challenges faced by small-scale and emerging farmers. By making farming machinery more accessible and affordable, all without the need for collateral, this alliance is not only boosting individual farmers but also supporting the agricultural sector as a whole. As these two industry leaders continue to work together, supported by the European Union, the future of agriculture in the regions they serve looks brighter than ever before. It’s a partnership that brings the wheels of progress to the fields of hope.

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