In a groundbreaking event in Nyimba District, SARO Agro welcomed His Excellency President Hakainde Hichilema to launch the 2023/2024 National Planting Season.

The spotlight was on SARO’s cutting-edge technology, featuring the TAFE 5900 DI Tractor and the revolutionary PLB Planter. President Hichilema, known for his hands-on approach, took the helm of the tractor, showcasing its user-friendly design and operational simplicity.

The event underscored SARO Agro’s commitment to comprehensive training, ensuring that users can navigate and maintain equipment with ease.

The PLB Planter, capable of simultaneous seed planting and fertilizer application, impressed the President, highlighting SARO’s dedication to advancing agricultural practices.

This moment not only celebrated innovation but also emphasized SARO Agro’s role in shaping a more productive and sustainable future for Zambia’s agriculture.

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