Our extensive resume is comprised of various projects completed

Our diverse project list includes engineering Solutions for Infrastructure Development and Energy Systems

Development and Setting up of Irrigation Schemes

We have successfully undertaken various irrigation projects, working closely with agricultural communities and government bodies. Our team designs and implements efficient irrigation systems, considering factors such as water availability, crop requirements, and topography. We have experience in both large-scale and small-scale irrigation schemes, utilizing techniques such as drip irrigation, sprinkler systems, and canal-based irrigation.

Fabrication Supply & Installation

Our fabrication services encompass a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, construction, and infrastructure development. We specialize in the fabrication and installation of structural components, equipment, and customized solutions. Our skilled technicians and engineers ensure the highest quality standards and timely completion of projects.

Community Water Projects Supply & Install Solar Pumps

We have successfully implemented community water projects, particularly in areas with limited or no access to electricity. Our team specializes in the supply and installation of solar-powered pumps, which provide sustainable and reliable water supply solutions. These projects often involve collaboration with local communities, ensuring their active participation and long-term maintenance of the systems.

Cooling Tower Application for Mining

In the mining industry, cooling towers are crucial for maintaining optimal operating conditions in various processes. We have successfully designed and set up cooling tower applications specifically tailored for mining operations. Our solutions ensure efficient heat dissipation and effective cooling, contributing to enhanced safety, productivity, and equipment longevity.
Get solutions that meet your industry's specific needs

Versatile solutions for the special needs of different industries

Our team understand the importance of your operations. Their in-depth knowledge and unrivalled industry experience ensures that our services are delivered safely and cost effectively.

Solar Power Systems

The demand for energy combined with As a renewable energy solution provider, we specialize in the supply, installation, and commissioning of solar power systems.


We supply formidable earth-moving machinery to both the depths of mines and the very heart of constituencies, driven by the influential force of CDF programs.


We specialize in manufacturing hammer mills, crop processing machines, conservation rippers, as well as offering customised metal machining and fabrication services for mines and industries.
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