Features and Benefits:

  • A light flat integral dripper manufactured under Metzerplas novel insertion technology.
  • Large inlet filter and turbulent flow pattern designed for clog resistance.
  • Manufactured by using advanced extrusion technology.
  • Manufactured with international standards: 18mil
  • Smooth inner surface minimizes friction losses.
  • Excellent flow characteristics.


For closed spacing crops like Various types of vegetables, cotton, medicinal plants and other short duration close spacing seasonal crops.

Technical Specifications:

Diameters12 mm / 16 mm / 20 mm
Wall Thickness18 mil
Flow rate1.2 LPH /2 LPH / 4 LPH.
Operating Pressure0.8 to 1 bar.
Roll Length500 mtr., 1000 mtr.
Spacing20, 30, 40, 50, 60 cm
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