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  • Saro Zambia - Water Tanks
    The SARO installers deal with a broad range of products and understand the importance of correctly installing expensive pieces of equipment so that product guarantees are...
  • Saro Zambia - Water Tanks
    The assessment process will ensure the client gets the best product for their specific needs in the first attempt without wasting resources and time. SARO...
  • Saro Zambia - Water Tanks
    Servicing & Repairs
    Besides offering basic servicing for all SARO products, the servicing teams at SARO extend this to non-SARO products. When it comes to repair, SARO’s large servicing...
  • Saro Zambia - Water Tanks
    Emergency Backup
    It’s expensive to plan for the worst case scenario because it requires investing in backups. However, with the SARO emergency back up service we provide...
  • Saro Zambia - Water Tanks
    As an outreach activity, students are given an overview of the SARO product catalog before spending time acquiring knowledge that will complement their technical education....