At Saro, we give our customer the best OX-Drawn farming equipment to avail quality affordable and reliable agricultural equipment solutions on time every time to the farming sector. Hence is moving with the times in providing the necessary implements to suit minimum tillage or conservation agriculture. We supply and stock a wide variety of farming products ranging from hand-held to animal-drawn and tractor drawn farming implements.


At Saro, all plough are high performance ploughs that combine lightness in weight with sturdy construction for maximum strength and can be pulled by 4 donkeys or 2 oxen. We also supply all kinds of plough spares. Customers can buy various kinds of plough at direct sales with very competitive price and high quality.

All Featured Ploughs


At Saro, we are selling the high performance cultivator of robust construction and is ideal for general use on medium to light soils. We buy the good and high quality of cultivator from the biggest manufacturer to mainly supply it to Africa market. At Saro, we are giving  the accessories with high quality and competitive price.

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Harrowing is often carried out on fields to follow the rough finish left by plowing operations. At Saro, we are supplying the good quality harrows so that the farmers can benfit from the purpose of the harrowing that is to break up clods and to provide a finer finish, a good tilth or soil structure that is suitable for seedbed use.

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AT Saro, we supply shellers that consists of separating the grains, or the shells in the case of groundnuts, from the portion of the plant that holds them. This separation, done by hand or machine, is obtained by threshing, by friction or by shaking the products; the difficulty of the process depends on the varieties grown, and on the moisture content and the degree of maturity of the grain.

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Jacto Sprayers

At Saro, we sell different Jacto gallon with similar but distinct features, as well as different color schemes. Jacto gives the user several choices for their different applications. Saro Jacto packs are ergonomically designed to fit comfortably and are UV resistant. With a large opening, you can easily add new material and continue working in the field without pause.

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Chaff Cutters

At Saro, we are supplying the Chaff Cutters that can give numerous advantages to our customer FARMKING CHAFF CUTTER is an idle farm machine for farmers having few livestock, It is durable, long lasting and low maintenance machine, It cuts the fodder uniformly, which is ideal for the livestock, It improves the digestion of cattle yielding more milking output capacity.

All Featured Chaff Cutters

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