At Saro, we give our customer the best OX-Drawn farming equipment to avail quality affordable and reliable agricultural equipment solutions on time every time to the farming sector. Hence is moving with the times in providing the necessary implements to suit minimum tillage or conservation agriculture. We supply and stock a wide variety of farming products ranging from hand-held to animal-drawn and tractor drawn farming implements.

Mealie Brand

Zimplow is a specialist in animal traction technology and its main equipment brand is the Mealie Brand. The Mealie Brand farming equipment is designed to efficiently ridge and cultivate maize, potatoes, tobacco, ground nuts and other row crops. Mealie Brand produce high performance implement that combines lightness in weight with sturdy construction for maximum strength.

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Sunmaize Brand is very popular in Africa agricultural cultivation. Sunmaize equipment is designed and produced by our selves. We are not only The Biggest supplies of fullet plough,but also all kinds of plough spares. All the parts are forged with high performance carbol steel except the plough wheel. With improve process on the production, we are able to make the stronger plough.

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A CF planting method where seeds are mechanically drilled directly into the soil in one pass without any preliminary tillage. Special tractor and ox drawn drills are required to do this. The Fitarelli animal drawn drill was designed in Brazil for this purpose and is used extensively by thousands of farmers. FITARELLI brand make several models of hand and animal drawn equipments.

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